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New Zealand Immigration

New Zealands reputation for its stable economy and well-built education system attracts many students to immigrate there for higher education. It offers an amazing lifestyle, safe political environment, and multicultural society for the people who enter there for education or job as a permanent resident. New Zealand offers visa under different categories which are mentioned below.

New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa: The candidates who have stayed in New Zealand for 2 years or more on resident visa and want to live there permanently can apply for skilled migration Visa. The candidates to immigrate to New Zealand, they should submit an Expression of Interest EOI which is a formal declaration of their interest to move there.

To submit an EOI and get accepted, one must have at least 100 points of New Zealand immigration score and currently, the country is accepting EOIs with 160 point score. Finally, the New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa takes 11 to 12 months to complete the whole process and get approved.

New Zealand Parent Retirement Category Visa: New Zealand Parent Retirement Category Visa is for the people who want to lead their life in New Zealand peacefully by taking rest after their retirement. They must have an adult child who is already living in New Zealand as a Resident/ Permanent Resident/ Citizen. After the completion of 4 years in New Zealand , you can apply for Permanent Resident Visa.

New Zealand Silver Fern Visa

If you are searching for a long-term job opportunity in New Zealand, Silver fern Visa is for you. You should have all the relevant documents to apply for this visa. Later, if you got a long-term skilled employment there, you can apply for Resident Visa under skilled migration program. As it is not a Permanent Resident Visa, Silver Fern Visa permits you to stay in New Zealand only for 9 months. However, you can apply for Residential Visa, if you got a long-term employment.

New Zealand Investor

New Zealand Investor Visa is for the candidates who can contribute to the economy of the country. It welcomes smart business people to buy an existing business or start entirely new business in New Zealand. Experienced people who already have NZ $1.5 million or more can apply for Investor 2 Resident Visa. This is a quota based visa and every year quota is 300 applications.

Entrepreneur Work

An Entrepreneur Work Visa for the migrants who want to start a business in New Zealand by becoming a permanent resident. To get an Entrepreneur Work Visa, you should be already in New Zealand on a work visa and there is no duration limit for this visa. Entrepreneur Work Visa also allows you to study, work, do business, and live permanently in New Zealand.