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Pre-Departure Orientation

Studying abroad is the greatest opportunity that many people wait for, but it is definitely not like a holiday trip to relax. There are many things one should prepare with, before entering a new place to stay for a long time. Culture, Education System, Food, Weather, Friends, and everything will be different and new and it is a must to adapt to all the things to make a successful career path. Easier said than done! It always seems to be easy when we are talking about studying abroad but students have to get a pre-departure orientation to make themselves well prepared before hitting a new country It is important to have a pre-departure orientation to know how one should adapt to various things in a new environment.

People think getting a visa is only the hardest thing but there are plenty of things which includes in the pre-departure orientation that they must know. After getting qualified in the entrance exam to go abroad for higher studies, students have to prepare for certain things and all of them are mentioned here. Check it out!


While going to a new place for a long stay, people will pack everything without missing a small thing and it is the biggest mistake! Many things are available in other countries too and there is no need to pack everything and make heavy luggage which makes you pay more as a luggage charge. Careergro lets you know what you should carry while going to a particular country.

Travel Doctor

One must have to consult a doctor to ensure that they are in good health. Also, carry your medical records for any emergency in future and it is required to know the immunization requirement at the place you are going to stay to get immunized before the departure.


Health and accident insurance is highly required while you are travelling abroad. CareerGro will help you will all the formalities to get the insurance as early as possible without any tension. There are certain things where travel insurance helps but health insurance alone can’t like Coverage if the flight is delayed/ cancelled, the lost luggage, missing personal goods etc.